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Karnevalsorden, Faschingsorden, Fastnachtsorden, Fasnachtsorden , Sportmedaillen, Pins, Pokale, Schwimm-, Marathon-Medaillen und Lauf-Medaillen - Kissing, Menden

Developer and producer of medals, medals for carnival, cups, pins...

  • Schwimm-Medaillen
  • Pins
  • Orden
  • Lauf-/ Marathon-Medaillen
  • Turn-Medaillen
  • Sportmedaillen
  • Vereinsabzeichen und Ehrennadeln

Medals for sport events, needles and pins of honour for clubs and societies…

Sport – Medaillen, Vereinsabzeichen, Pokale ...
Take advantage of our knowledge and engage us with the design and production of medals needed for your forthcoming marathon of other running event!
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Casted medals and pins for carnival

Karneval – Orden, Pins …
We develope and produce stamped, casted or printed carnival medal and pins with various sizes and platings…


You look for suitable medal for your sport event of beautiful high qualtity medals your carnival events? Please contact us.

Simone Meiser
Simone Meiser
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